A father, two sons, and two daughters, posed for a picture and laughing

Meet the Family


Scientist Quits Prestigious Job,
Becomes Dirt Farmer

Jason used to be a scientist, working on cool chemistry projects in a lab. One day, he was told there would be a “bring your kids to work” day, but he knew that he couldn’t bring his little girl to a super secret science lab. He couldn’t share what he was doing with his family at all, and that didn’t seem right.

Frustrated, he decided, “Chuck it all, I want to be able to bring my kids to work! I’m going to be a farmer!” And he went and started working on the family farm.

He already knew a lot about it winemaking (it’s all chemistry, after all), so why not revive that knowledge and put it to good use, as long as he was starting something new? So he bought vines, prepared a field, and made himself a vineyard – and then started learning how to manage it!

While the vines grew, Jason took the opportunity to learn about all the other things that were growing at the farm, especially the apple orchard. What was needed to make trees produce lots of apples? What made an apple good to sell? How were all the various problems fixed that an orchard could run into? He rolled up his sleeves and started talking to everyone on the farm, teaching himself about how to grow apples.

Now, he spends his days farming apples, growing grapes, and making wine – and his kids not only get to come see him at work: we get to work with him!


College Grad Discovers Plants,
Won’t Stop Talking About It

What’re you gonna do with that English degree??


Imma run away and take pictures for a winery. 🙂


City Boy Introduced to Hard Work,
Never Going Back

By the time highschool was over, John was fed up with sitting inside all day. He wanted to do something active, something physical, and preferably something that would make him money. Luckily, he knew this guy who had a farm and could use a tractor driver to help with harvest. He jumped at the job.

One harvest led into another, and then there was off-season work to do, and there were tractors to repair, and between one thing and another, John found that there was always more to do and more to learn. He spent the next several years doing more and more work on the farm, learning about apples, irrigation, trellising, grape growing, fixing engines, and working hard in the hot sun; and he loved every minute of it.

He never wants to go back to the city, now; he’d happily spend the rest of his life farming!


Young Man Touches Grass,
Finds It Acceptable

This kid is a jack-of-all-trades, helping wherever we need an extra hand.

Whether it’s solving our tech problems, helping with apple harvest, or building a chicken coop from scratch, he’s willing to dabble in everything!

But Wait, There’s More!!

Will Any of Jason’s Other Kids Farm, Too?

Stay Tuned to Find Out!

(Elevator music plays…)