Victoria Merriman

A Virtual Force at Recusant Cellars


Victoria’s role within Recusant Cellars has been a journey of continuous learning and adaptability. While she started capturing the essence and evolution of the winery through her photographs, her involvement has grown significantly more hands-on over time.

From assisting her father, Jason, in various capacities, Victoria has become an essential cog in the operational wheel. Despite her claims of being a novice in the nitty-gritty of winemaking, Victoria has immersed herself in various aspects of the business, proving to be an invaluable asset.

Her multifaceted involvement doesn’t diminish her love for photography. Her snapshots provide a vivid chronicle of Recusant Cellars’ milestones, capturing both its triumphs and challenges. Through her images and hands-on involvement, Victoria ensures the winery’s story is told, appreciated, and remembered.