Michael Merriman

A Versatile Contributor


Michael’s journey with Recusant Cellars has been one of exploration and adaptability. Every vineyard task, apple harvest, or crushing season was an opportunity for him to understand the nuances of the family business and to find his unique place within it.

Though he might not share the same fervent enthusiasm for the land as John, Michael’s commitment cannot be understated. He’s the one who seamlessly shifts between roles, ensuring that no task remains unattended, whether it’s hands-on work during the busy harvest season or assisting in the logistical aspects of the winery.

In essence, Michael embodies the adaptability that is crucial in a family-run venture like Recusant Cellars. His ability to wear multiple hats and his willingness to jump in wherever needed adds a layer of reliability and versatility to the Merriman family’s endeavors.