Jason Merriman

The Bedrock of Recusant Cellars


Embarking on a winemaking journey that began at esteemed wineries such as Chateau St Michelle, Woodward Canyon, and Canoe Ridge, Jason Merriman has always been synonymous with expertise and vision in the industry. Each of these prestigious wineries imparted unique lessons, shaping him not just as a winemaker, but as an individual deeply connected to the craft.

However, Jason’s professional journey didn’t halt at the vineyards. At Washington State University Tri-Cities, he further etched his mark by pioneering one of the first wine chemistry lab classes. This teaching role wasn’t just a job; it was a platform where Jason’s passion met purpose, illuminating the path for future wine enthusiasts and professionals.

Yet, amidst the allure of academic and scientific pursuits, Jason’s heart yearned for something more profound. His stint as a chemist at a research facility, though intellectually stimulating, presented moments of introspection. One such poignant moment was a simple day at work, a day he couldn’t share with his daughter. This experience became a turning point, compelling him to reflect upon what truly mattered.

Desiring to create a legacy, an endeavor where family and passion intertwined seamlessly, Jason saw the potential in the family farm. He envisioned a place where apples, grapes, and wine came together, mirroring the harmonious blend of family bonds and professional aspirations. This vision was not just about producing wine, but about nurturing a family-owned brand that stood for dedication, legacy, and the joys of collaborative effort.

Today, Jason not only oversees the intricate processes of winemaking at Recusant Cellars but also actively engages in apple farming and grape cultivation. Every bottle, every grape, and every apple from the Merriman estate carries the touch of his expertise and the warmth of his dedication.