About Our Vineyard

An Ensemble of Tradition, Terroir, and Artisanal Winemaking

Nestled in the heart of the White Bluffs AVA within the scenic Columbia Valley near Pasco, WA, Recusant Cellars is a family-owned farm where vineyards and neighboring cherry and apple orchards flourish under the abundant sunshine and temperate climate. The unique landscape creates a distinctive terroir, crafting the defining elements of our wines.

Unfolding the Mysteries of our Terroir

The White Bluffs AVA, designated in 2021, is an intriguing wine region within the Columbia Valley. Elevated approximately 200 feet above the surrounding area, this plateau offers an extended growing season, protecting our vines against the harsh frost and freeze. Our unique terroir derives its name from the ancient, whitish lakebed sediment, the Ringold Formation, lying beneath layers of windblown silt and Missoula Flood deposits. This special composition provides our vines with a unique set of minerals and excellent water-holding capacity, contributing to the distinctive character of our wines.

Orchards and Wine: A Beautiful Harmony

Our unique location, neighboring apple and cherry orchards, shapes our soil composition and microclimate. These elements interact dynamically with our grapevines, creating a moderated microclimate that promotes even ripening and infuses our wines with a balanced flavor profile and ideal acidity.

Our Distinct Grape Varieties

In the sun-drenched vineyards of Recusant Cellars, we cultivate three distinguished grape varieties that lend their voice to our estate wines:

  • Petite Verdot, known for its deep color and robust structure, captures the sunlight, yielding bold wines that display a unique personality.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon, the noble and renowned red grape, embodies the richness of our soil and the mild climate, crafting elegant wines with a fine balance of power and finesse.
  • Orange Muscat, a delightfully aromatic grape, flourishes amidst our vibrant ecosystem, capturing the essence of the neighboring orchards and infusing our wines with enchanting aromatics.

A Symphony of Regional Influence

In addition to our estate-grown varieties, we also source a diverse array of grapes from regional vineyards within the Columbia Valley. Each of these vineyards brings its unique personality and terroir, allowing us to explore and present a broader spectrum of wine flavors and styles. From the robust Cabernet Sauvignon and the versatile Merlot to the spicy Syrah, the refreshing Riesling, and the zesty Sauvignon Blanc, these varietals reflect the rich diversity of our broader wine-growing region. Further information on these vineyards can be found [here] (link to sourced vineyards page).

Experience Recusant Cellars

We invite you to experience the story behind every bottle of our carefully crafted wines. (Tasting room, open from 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM, Thursday to Saturday) to immerse yourself in our journey of wine-making. 

Talk with the wine maker learn about wine…experience wine making first hand. Experience first hand.

Stay With Us:

We're thrilled to extend an invitation to stay at our charming farm through Harvest Hosts. Discover the tranquility of our surroundings and enjoy the warmth of our hospitality during your visit.

At Recusant Cellars, we're passionate about crafting wines that embody the beauty of our land, the complexity of our unique terroir, and the rich tapestry of regional influences. We look forward to welcoming you soon to share our tradition, our wines, and the essence of the White Bluffs AVA. Here's to the joy of winemaking, remarkable wines, and the spirit of friendship. (Link to page about the staying experience)